That’s a wrap! Radio Zurich and the International Radio Festival.

First of all, we would like to welcome you to our website – still quite a few changes and updates to make – but it is coming along nicely.

Now that we have made it out of the studio, I’d like to take the time to tell you a bit about us and what we have been up to.

King Lambie Productions was born in May 2013 and after our first opportunity was found (thanks to Cameron King and his amazing networking skills in Berlin and of course the International Radio Festival) we have been working non stop to make is as perfect as can be.

In the past month we have found ourselves in a high school in the middle of nowhere, a radio studio in an old air raid shelter hut, a derelict bandstand, on top of university tower, locked in a student radio station and in a studio so hot the equipment couldn’t even cope. It’s been madness, but also great fun and completely worthwhile.

The lucky listeners of Radio Zurich will get to hear a fantastic two hour show written and recorded by ourselves entitled “Listen to Scotland” this September during the annual International Radio Festival.

Being a Scotland based company we thought it was important to represent our country in the festival and have made sure ever aspect can be brought right back here. Every single track we chose to play was created by somebody Scottish – it is incredible how many great musicians there are in the country and how terrible we at King Lambie really are at singing!

We also got the opportunity to speak to and interview some great people along the way in some interesting locations. Kelvingrove Bandstand in Glasgow’s West End was discovered as a fantastic space and if you take a listen to the show you will  hear some brilliant acoustic tracks recorded there. With redevelopment planned, we hope this is not the end of the bandstand for further King Lambie projects.

We also felt it was important to include some chat and opinions on the upcoming Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and also threw in a bit of community radio banter too. What else better to talk about on radio, than radio! Right?

And of course, with Cameron and I presenting the show – there are no other real reasons to listen!

We would like to thank Darryl at the International Radio Festival for this opportunity, Speyside High School, Keith Community Radio, Celtic Music Radio, Katie Sutherland and Prof. David McGillivray for talking to us. And not forgetting John Collins and Lynne Ferguson for voicing some great jingles.

Keep watching our twitter feed (@king_lambie) to find out when the show will be aired and to keep an eye on what’s to come, because believe me, there is lots…

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