Coming soon; #100faces

It is 2015 and we are back. After months of boring paperwork and long funding meetings and discussions we are glad to be starting the fun part of our project which we have been teasing you about for so long. Read More

O2 Think Big(ger) #BirminghamBootcamp

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The mainstream are finally catching up.

Recently a BBC Northampton radio reporter filmed a five-part “mini documentary” using just his iPhone – a first for BBC local or network radio.

Photography by Simon Yeo

Photography by Simon Yeo

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International Community Media Day 2013 #commedia13

On Monday 4th November we at King Lambie Productions successfully hosted Scotland’s hub for International Community Media Day, we would like to thank those volunteers who came to help out, the guest speakers at the event for some very interesting talks and Impact Arts for giving us such a great space to host the event. Here is a summary of the days events… Read More

#commedia13 Shout for Volunteers!

As you may have been following, International Community Media Day is less than SIX WEEKS away! We at King Lambie Productions have been working hard at making sure Scotland´s hub is the best it can possibly be and with the visitors to Glasgow we have in store, it’s looking to be pretty good. Read More

New Website – New Updates!

We are back online – welcome to the brand new website! Take a look around.

It’s only fair we give you an update on what has been happening in the world of King Lambie. First of all, we have funding! Back in August we applied to O2 Think Big and received some money from them to start the ball rolling for our long term plan of a community media hub in Glasgow. Read More

Irvine Beat FM Launch

Today we at King Lambie Productions (@king_lambie) headed on the train to Irvine, Ayrshire to attend the launch of Irvine Beat FM (@irvinebeatfm). Here’s a summary from the days events. Read More

Community Media Cafe: Ask us anything!

King Lambie Productions has been in a lot of discussion as to what Scotland needs more of in the media, business and creative industries – but we decided that we can’t make up an answer and the only real way to find that out is to ask you.

How often do you get face to face advice, get the chance to ask any question you would like and don’t have to trawl through “how to” guides online? Read More

That’s a wrap! Radio Zurich and the International Radio Festival.

First of all, we would like to welcome you to our website – still quite a few changes and updates to make – but it is coming along nicely.

Now that we have made it out of the studio, I’d like to take the time to tell you a bit about us and what we have been up to.

King Lambie Productions was born in May 2013 and after our first opportunity was found (thanks to Cameron King and his amazing networking skills in Berlin and of course the International Radio Festival) we have been working non stop to make is as perfect as can be. Read More

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