We have a lot to offer you at King Lambie Productions with skills in producing radio, film and online content. Our skills expand to not only producing high quality content for you or your business but also in teaching others to do the same.


  • Web development
  • Radio shows

  • Radio features

  • Radio adverts

  • Radio jingles

  • Social media advice and promotion

  • Content gathering/news

  • Podcasting

  • Workshops


With a large involvement in Community Media groups across Scotland and partnerships across the UK we have the long term aim of a community hub in not only Glasgow, but Scotland, where content can be created, distributed and utilised by the public.

Our team also have a background in mega events, working both on projects around the Olympic Games and towards the Commonwealth Games next year.

At the current moment we are working on International Community Media Day in partnership with over 25 different countries – showcasing Scotland´s community media output to the world and to each other.


Content is King!

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